about me 

I am a scenographer and visual artist with more than ten years of international experience leading or working within the creative design department.
I’ve started my career as a theatre and opera, leading set&costume designer in Italy, Cyprus, Greece and London and In parallel I worked as a scenic artist at the ROH, illustrator, art director and production designer.
I am highly experienced in developing projects from scratch to the very end. From the creative direction, image research and mock-up development to the supervision of the building team and collaboration with the sound and light designers at the end of the making process.
I like challenging myself accepting jobs from different backgrounds.
I enjoy experimenting with scale and proportions, colours and different materials, light and shadow, observing and trying to create new worlds.
Storytelling and concept are very important in my work.

Strong background and passion for ballet, contemporary dance and music.

E MAIL: mayaangeli677@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/maya_angeli